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Weston 156 Canoe

Regular price £1,399.00

The Weston 156 is our largest canoe. Perfect for those looking for maximum space and style.

It is equally stunning and elegant and will cater for everything from luxurious days out on the water to overnight trips.  It is extremely stable and holds its line brilliantly when paddling.  There is plenty of room for 2 adults with enough space for camping gear, children or an an occasional 3rd adult.

It features a shallow v shaped hull and moderate tumblehome.

The hull is strengthened and protected with fibreglass making it extremely robust for a wooden canoe. It weighs 37 kg and is best handled by two people.

It comes as standard with 3 seats and 2 thwarts but can be fitted with just 2 seats and a central carrying yoke if preferred.