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Prue Kelp seaweed extract combined with argan oil delivers a unique beauty experience enveloping the hair with nourishing Vitamin e, essential fattys acids, antioxidants while rebuilding the cuticle from the inside out this luxurious, non greasy oil provides multiple moisturizing and condition benefits leaving both the hair and skin silky and shiny. It glides on like silk and absorbs quickly for a head to toe pampering experience, fragrance, paraben free for all hair types, standard shipping available worldwide.


Leon has a deep love of his native Ireland and he wanted to introduce a product that embodies the natural beauty of his homeland.  Whilst on shoot Ireland’s coastline, Leon met famed scientist who was farmed a specific mineral in seaweed, Leon discovered that the plant had so many incredible natural properties that would be a perfect fit for his idea of a new product line in beauty and haircare. 2 years of dedication, research and testing whilst on  multiple trips to Ireland has resulted in the launch of a new organic range of products from Leon Gorman.
Leon Gorman range of seaweed products has started as a haircare line, a luxurious collection of products infused essential vitamins, minerals and bontanicals, sourced from the mineral rich of waters of Ireland’s western coast.
Leon says that “Seaweed is the new superfood for hair. The shampoo, conditioner and serum will act to restore the hair cuticle and strengthen the hair shaft to enhance shine and radiance and create fuller more manageable hair. The product is so beautifully balanced which natural ingredients, which does more than just clean hair, one’s skin is revived, nourished and feels alive after use”  
Currently the Creative Director of top New York salon Marie-Lou&D. Leon’s passion for great haircare.