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illy Pods. The excellence of the unique illy blend in a single serving illy New Pod Every single pod comes from illy's passion for research and excellence. A team of our experts has optimized the pod's dimensions to guarantee a rich and robust espresso with a thicker and long lasting crema prepared with all E.S.E. -compatible espresso machines. illy blend the illy blend is always the same, both at home and at cafes, so that you can experience the same unmistakable aroma and distinctive taste. Sustainable development and quality illy buys its coffee directly from the growers, thus ensuring them a profit and providing the know-how for a constant quality improvement and environmental protection. Perfection in a single serving illy pods are packaged singularly to guarantee their aroma, flavour and freshness over time. Perfect for Francis Francis for illy machines illy pods and Francis Francis machines, a brand of the illy group, perfectly combine to make espresso at home. Elevate your coffee experience with the illy Art Collection with the illy Art Collection espresso cups, you will enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of works of art created by leading contemporany artists along with the sensorial pleasure of our coffee. 100% Arabica, New pod long lasting crema, Easy serving espresso, Caffeine content less than 1.5%