Beard Oil

Mr Mullan's Beard Oil


Directions of Use 

Best used straight out of the shower / washed your face in the mornings ready for the day, whilst the skin is still warm and your pores & cuticles are open. 

The oil will absorb into the hair and skin to condition and moisturise both.

Depending on the length of your beard you will need between 2 - 6 drops per application.

Rub the oil well into the palms of your hands apply directly to the beard and skin. 

Beard oil should be used daily and re-applied if necessary. 



All of our ingredients have been selected for optimum beard maintenance leaving you with the best results. Below is a list of the ingredients and properties hand picked by Mr Mullan. 


Jojoba Oil - To add shine and naturally soften your hair and to manage frizzy and unruly  beards,  

Grapeseed - one of the most effective natural ingredients for beard care. Leaves the beard stronger, healthier and more attractive.

Vitamin e - for nourishment and development of healthy skin and hair. 

Sweet Almond - eliminates dry skin and eliminates dry dandruff 

Bergamot Oil - Promotes an attractive skin tone

Black Pepper  - high amount of anti-oxigents prevent ageing of the skin

Sandalwood - Leaves beard lustrous and soft shiny whilst working as a dandruff treatment  

Orange Blossom - Works as an excellent skin toner