Introducing... The Pendleton 1930's Archive Coat

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Our Pick of the Week! 

The 1930's Vintage Harding Archive Coat 

Pendleton 1930s archive coat pendletn woolen mills. london stockist of pENDLETON

The Pendleton women’s Harding Archive Coat is a blast from the past, a vintage 1930s piece reimagined and brought back to life to honour our heritage and past American styles. Made with impeccable pattern detail and with blanket-weight jacquard fabric you will look eternally fashionable while remaining always warm.


A tradition of American craftsmanship started by one family over 100 years ago. In 1863 a young English weaver named Thomas Kay had a vision of raising his own sheep and producing his own wool in America. With no suitable land of his own, Kay set sail down the Atlantic seaboard and up the Pacific coast in search of the ideal location. After four-months at sea, Kay stopped in America’s newest state, Oregon. Upon settling, Kay built his own family-operated mill, teaching and eventually passing on the business to his eldest daughter Fannie.

From the creation of Pendleton’s first woolen mill in 1893, to establishing trade connections with America’s Indigenous communities, Fannie helped build upon her father’s legacy. As her father did for her, Fannie passed on the family tradition to her three sons in 1898. Less than a year later, a new wool finishing department was operational and the first finished wool products were traded, thus setting the foundation for Pendleton Woolen Mills. Today, the tradition of wool and textile innovation established by Thomas Kay and his family underlies all Pendleton products.





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