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Chemex's New Automatic Coffee Brewer Is Changing The Meaning Of Pour Over

The Ottomatic is for those of you who want the great brew of a Chemex but are in no way able to operate at that level of functionality before drinking a cup of coffee -- the great paradox of pour overs everywhere.


Form And Function Meet In 'Modern By Design'

Art museums are, for the most part, full of paintings and sculptures you might love to own — a Renoir for the living room, that Rodin for the backyard — but never could afford. In Atlanta, The High Museum of Art is showing some museum-quality objects that have been affordable over the decades, either as originals or knock-offs.

How to make your coffee just like James Bond

James Bond was a coffee snob. For real. Total coffee snob. I discovered this while reading the 1957 Bond novel, "From Russia With Love."

Daily Shot of Coffee

The Chemex almost looks like something out of a science experiment. It looks cool and shows friends that you are a true coffee geek. Even better than that is the coffee that it brews. It produces stronger coffee than from a drip brewer, with a smoother taste and more flavor.

NY Times | Ristretto

Often, a pedigree like this speaks to form more than function — plenty of gorgeous, impractical things are found at MoMA. But the Chemex really works, a cult object within the world of coffee.


Modern by Design taps ordinary 20th century items which The Museum of Modern Art in New York bought for their permanent collection — and are now lending to the High.

The Kitchn

The Chemex coffee maker not only has a place in the Museum of Modern Art, its elegance and function have earned it a permanent place on my kitchen counter.


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