An Introduction to Haeckels - Made Of Margate - Wild fragrance & Seaweed Skincare

Haeckels - Made Of Margate 
Haeckels is award winning independent company a small giant challenging the skincare world. Our coastal license allows us to harvest our ocean vegetables direct from a cretaceous chalk reef allowing our committed team to design unique natural products of exceptional quality.

As ocean farmers the Haeckels philosophy is simple :


  1. Focus on manufacturing the most effective natural products.
  2. Respect all and neglect none.
  3. Share all, create debate.
  4. Use business to inspire and implement solutions to the worlds ocean crisis.
Browse just a few of our favourites below or shop our entire collection through our store!
Dog Rose Birch Bath Oil                  Chalk Room Diffuser               Seaweed Facial Cleanser


From the ocean for the ocean.
Dog Rose Birch Bath Oil - Why we love it!

A high potency bath oil formulation that conditions and hydrates the body while sublime local botanicals fragrance the skin

Wild dog rose and English birch leaf create a sublime fragrance that fills the air to calm and relax whilst rosehip oil hydrates and heals tired skin with a potent blend of vitamin A and vitamin C leaving your skin naturally moisturised, rejuvenated and fragrant.


The Chalk Room Diffuser -  A unique way to infuse your home using chalk!

Chalk is a naturally porous sedimentary rock which forms from the slow build up of cal- cite plates (coccoliths) which are shed from tiny organisms called coccolithophores. These tiny coccolithophores have been producing coccoliths for millennia and are still present today, creating a sediment base that will one day be compressed into becoming more chalk. 


Seaweed Facial Cleanser - Why you should try it!

Sea buckthorn soothes damaged patches and provides nutrients ready for healing and replenishing making this cleanser ideal for overall skin health and an improved complexion. 


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