Heist Vietnamese Coffee Chocolate

Heist Vietnamese Coffee Chocolate

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One half - creamy white chocolate, the other half - dark Girls Who Grind Coffee chocolate.

Take one piece of each and put it in your snaffle hatch. Chomp them to combine and you’ve got yourself a milky sweet, coffee treat!

Now I realise that this means you’ll eat the bar twice as fast but mate, it also means you’ll enjoy it twice as much….Fantastic!

Please don’t be cynical. This isn’t a terrific marketing ploy to get you to buy more Heist chocolate but please… buy more Heist chocolate. Nice one.

About the Girls Who Grind Coffee

“We are an all female small batch coffee roastery based in the wild south-west of England.

We source speciality coffees from female producers and those who work to support them.”


Ingredients: Dark chocolate (cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cane sugar), white chocolate (cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cane sugar), ground coffee beans.

Chocolate contains cocoa solids: 51% min

80g ℮