Mens heavy duty jacket. Eat dust black denim jacket. Black denim jacket with leqather components for men. Bikerwear/ Bloodline bikerwear. Black denim jacket with corduroy collar.
back view of mens black denim jacket with leather components by Eat dust. Biker brand from Belgium.
model wears eat dust jacket fit 673 bloodline jacket in black denim with leather components and corduroy collar.
Model wears eat dust black denim jacket with leather components. Buy from Mr mULLAN'S gENERAL STORE MENSWEAR HEAVY DUTY JACKET.


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Heavy Duty worker denim jacket made in 14/4OZ Italian Black/Black red selvedge denim. Body linned with black cotton and sleeves with red nylon.
2 rienforced hip pockets with signature Z-Bar stitch tonal & 1 breast pocket with signature Z-Bar stitch contrast.
Collar in black corduroy. Eat Dust faded copper buttons & black leather Eat Dust bloodline label.