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Our bestselling design. Introducing the classic Blundstone Original 500 Series boots in stout brown. Comprised of high quality premium leather, these iconic boots will effortlessly complement any outfit. As with all Blundstone boots, comfort technology stands at the core of their design. These lightweight Blundstone leather boots are perfect for all-day comfort and support.

Whilst our boots are designed to last, it is vital that you care for them and take action when they become dirty or scuffed, to help prolong their life.

Our boots are either composed of leather, suede or canvas and each need specific care in order to keep them clean and scuff free.

Leather and suede are extremely absorbent and very susceptible to water damage, whilst canvas is easily prone to dirt.

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Follow our tips below on how to properly care for your Blundstone boots.

Cleaning Leather

Most of our boots are composed of leather, here’s how to clean them:

  • First, scrub off any caked on dirt on your boots with a soft bristled brush
  • Apply a small amount of leather cleaner onto a damp cloth and rub onto the shoe in circular motions. Make sure that your cloth is not too wet as too much water will harden the leather and make it crack.
  • Wipe away the lather and leave your boots to air dry. Please ensure that your boots are away from direct sunlight or any central heating installations, as any exposure will dry out the leather. It can even cause the leather to pull away from the sole.
  • Dress the leather with a polish, spray or cream to help protect your boots against further damage.
  • If you have any water stains on your leather boots, combine equal parts of white wine vinegar and water and clean the stain away with this solution.